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  • Americans For Prosperity Foundation – Friedman Legacy Day

    We are seeing the results of School Choice in Indiana.  Many parents are taking advantage of vouchers and enrolling their children into private schools.  This issue has stirred debate, but we are seeing positive results.  School Choice was an issue that Milton Friedman believed in passionately.  Yesterday, Americans For Prosperity Foundation celebrated Milton Friedman’s legacy by hosting an event in Fort Wayne in his honor.

    The program started with Indiana AFP Foundation state director Chase Downham highlighting the success of School Choice in Indiana.  He stated choice scholarships have allowed 10,000 children in Indiana to get out of failing schools and into private schools.  Downham then introduced Laura Rodriquez, a resident of Fort Wayne who has seen the benefits of School Choice.  Ms. Rodriquez  has three children who all now attend a private school.  She stated this would not be possible without the voucher program we have in Indiana.  She stated her children benefit from smaller classroom size and the individual attention they receive from their teachers.  She also stated her children have grown and thrived and that she is thankful for School Choice.

    The main speaker of the night was Joy Puhlman from the Heartland Institute.  She highlighted how Milton Friedman advocated for School Choice.  She then told of the benefits of School Choice which include greater freedom for students and parents, higher quality education for students, and lower costs.  She then took several questions from the audience which centered on the topics of school choice and common core.

    This was a great event highlighting School Choice and I applaud AFP Foundation for hosting.  It was a great reminder that children can get out of failing schools so they can receive a quality education.  The issue of School Choice has seen broad support from people of all walks of life.  When children can get an improved quality of education everyone wins.

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