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  • Tweet of the Week Nominees are Waiting for Your Vote

    Hoosier Access Tweet of the Week - This week's nominations are ready for your votes!With the onset of the holiday weekend we didn’t have nearly as many nominations to sort through to present your choices for the Hoosier Access Tweet of the Week. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and the immigration debate as well as Egypt and foreign policy feature prominently in the nominations, but we have a dose of American history and yet another tweet related to the Netflix series “House of Cards.” Your nominees for this week are below:

    Which of the below is the best Tweet of the Week? (Week ending 7/4/13)

    • @Sully21 - Convincing yourself that you will never win a particular demographic in future campaigns is what we call a self fulfilling prophecy (45%, 29 Votes)
    • @ExJon - I bet Obama could fix the Egyptian unrest if he gave a speech about youth and dreams and aspiring and hoping to aspire to youthful dreams. (20%, 13 Votes)
    • @Frank_Underwood - Journalism's only hope is to stop trying to be the first rough draft of history and aspire instead to be the polished final draft of news. (16%, 10 Votes)
    • @BlameTelford - Egyptian military has announced the removal of President Morsi from power. Susan Rice cites YouTube video as cause. (11%, 7 Votes)
    • @JasonBWhitman - The hyperbole on the Right stating that Rubio should become a Democrat over ONE ISSUE is insane. (5%, 3 Votes)
    • @hoosierclinger - 51,112 men died at Gettysburg. Total deaths in Vietnam were 58,209. What a sad day in history. (3%, 2 Votes)

    Total Voters: 64

    Loading ... Loading ...

    Of our Marco Rubio-related posts, first up is Michael Sullivan. Sullivan is a former Hoosier political operative who has been picked up by the Tennessee Republican Party where he serves as Deputy Executive Director. Our other Rubio-related tweet comes from Jason Whitman who serves as the policy chairman for the Young Republican National Federation. Whitman is a Wyoming native and is such a big deal he has a verified Twitter account!

    The revolution, or re-revolution, or coup, or whatever you want to call what’s happening in Egypt generated a few interesting tweets. Erik Telford, the genius behind the development of Right Online is the Vice President of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity – a group dedicated to helping bloggers shine a bright light on what their government is up to at every level – local, state and federal. Our other Egypt-related tweet comes from Jon Gabriel – a marketing guru who makes his second appearance as a Tweet of the Week nominee.

    Our nominees are rounded out with a contribution from unapologetic Hoosier conservative Ms. Ryan who was sharing some sobering statistics about the reality of the Battle at Gettysburg that are worth reflecting on. Finally, we have Frank Underwood, a fictional congressman representing South Carolina in the Netflix series “House of Cards” – an American adaptation of a BBC series that does a fairly good job of capturing the realistic trade-offs that come into play in legislative politics – think “West Wing” with a heaping dose of reality.

    Voting is open and will stay open through the weekend. If you see any good tweets in the meantime, send them to us via our contact form so they can be considered for next week’s voting!

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