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  • Hostage Hoosier Highlights — OMG OK?, DOMA fallout, and Illiterate Liars

    Hostage Hoosier HighlightsIs it OK for a Christian to drop OMG’s?  — food for thought. I have never been comfortable with the “OMG” phrase. It is a good idea for Christians to be thoughtful about all the words they are using, especially the ones concerning calling on God.

    Orders for Paula Deen cookbook surge — good. I hope she sells a billionty of them. She said she was sorry about a million times and said she isn’t going to do it again. What more to people want?

    DOMA reaction: ‘Modern Family’ considering gay marriage  — of course they are. If they really wanted to be edgy, they should have them break up and decide to become heteros. Now that would cause a stir.

    The case for polygamy — Paging Pandora: Please come retrieve your box. I don’t want to play any more. The sarcasm in this article could only be more delicious if what he was saying wasn’t so true. Polygamy is coming and probably faster than you think.

    Zimmerman Prosecution Star Witness Can’t Read Letter She ‘Wrote’ — I am going to lose it if the jury buys this lying liar’s story. Somehow, I have a feeling that they are going to be able to portray her as a victim too and they will buy her sob story.

    Bonus Link:

    Bumblebee memorial scheduled for Sunday at Wilsonville Target — not an Onion article. Seriously. Hippies. Wow.


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