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  • DEVELOPING: Indiana GOP Resignations

    It is being reported by Brian Howey that there are several resignations at Indiana Republican Party.

    Hoosier Access has only been able to confirm, with several different Party sources, that Chairman Eric Holcomb and National Committeewoman and former Lt. Governor Becky Skillman have resigned.

    A phone call to Pete Seat, Communications Director for the Indiana Republican Party, was not immediately returned for comment.

    This story is developing. Keeping checking back for more updates.

    Updated at 1:50p Hoosier Access is now confirming that Peter Deputy, Sandi Huddleston and Justin Garrett are also resigning.

    Updated at 1:56p Hoosier Access was able to obtain a copy of a statement released by Chairman Eric Holcomb. It is posted below in its entirety.

    Statement from INDGOP Chairman Eric Holcomb

    INDIANAPOLIS (June 19, 2013) – Indiana Republican Party State Chairman Eric Holcomb issued the following statement regarding upcoming leadership changes at The Indiana Republican Party:

    “At today’s State Committee meeting I announced a series of upcoming leadership changes at The Indiana Republican Party. While there is never a perfect time for these types of transitions, I believe this year, being an off-election year, is the best time. In addition, and most importantly, these changes will give Governor Mike Pence a wonderful opportunity to charge forward and write our Party’s next chapter of success.

    “My final day as State Chairman will be July 9, 2013.

    “For quite some time now I have been contemplating the next steps in my professional career. With the support of Governor Mike Pence and the confidence that our State Party’s debts are paid off, we have surpassed our recent fundraising goals, our staff is smaller and more efficient than ever and we’ve already completed our biggest technological upgrade in a decade, made now the right time.

    “I’ve had the honor and rare opportunity to serve alongside the leadership of two Republican governors, legislative leaders second to none, the best Congressional delegation in the country and local leaders in all 92 counties in the state. This service ranks as one of the best experiences of my life. I have enjoyed giving it my all and yet always realized I received so much more out of the endeavor than I ever invested in it.

    “An announcement regarding my next assignment will come sooner rather than later.”

    In addition, Holcomb announced that Executive Director Justin Garrett will be moving on to the private sector effective tomorrow, June 20.

    “On two Mitch Daniels for Governor campaigns, in the Governor’s office and as a member of our Indiana Republican Party staff, Justin has been an indispensable leader, colleague and friend. Our gains in the past few years are in large part because of his dedication to the cause,” Holcomb said.

    Former Lt. Governor Becky Skillman will also step down from her role as National Committeewoman following our Summer Dinner on July 9th.

    Under State Party rules, Vice Chair Sandi Huddleston, in her capacity as Acting Chairman upon Holcomb’s resignation, will be charged with conducting the election for a new State Chair. Vice Chair Huddleston will also step down at that time herself.

    Update at 2:06p Hoosier Access will stay on top of this story throughout the rest of the day and will keep you updated.

    Updated at 2:31p Several committee members are expressing on how shocked they were upon hearing the news of these resignations. The common expressions being used are, “Surprised” and “Speechless”.

    Updated at 3:30p When asked about today’s resignations Michael Neal, the Chairman of the Indiana Young Republicans, had the following to say in regards to the relationship between the YRs and the State Party.

    “It just so happens that the time was right for those who wanted to move on. The Party is out of debt and in a great position. The next generation of Indiana leaders are ready to stand up and lead. We are not concerned about these resignations affecting the Indiana Young Republicans relationship with the Indiana GOP. In fact, this is the very reason that an organization like ours exists.”

    Updated at 3:49p Former Campaign Manager for U.S. Senator Dan Coats, Cam Savage, worked with Chairman Holcomb during his days as Communications Director for the Daniels re-election campaign. Savage, who runs his own firm Limestone Strategies, had the following to say about the resignation of Chairman Eric Holcomb,

    “There has not been a single Hoosier, save Mitch Daniels, who has done more to build, grow, and strengthen the Republican Party in the last decade than Eric Holcomb. He is, in many ways, the ideal State Party Chairman. A skilled operative who learned politics at the local level and worked his way to the top, earning respect and gaining friends at every step along the way. Replacing him will be a tall order for Governor Pence. There are not many Hoosiers with Eric’s keen political instincts, his depth of knowledge of public policy issues and his ability to raise the sums of money the job requires. It was way too much to hope that Eric would keep the job for life, but I was hoping nonetheless.”

    Updated at 6:15p Hoosier Access has learned from informed and reliable sources close to Chris Crabtree, Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor Pence, that he [Crabtree] is not seeking the chairmanship of the Indiana Republican Party and will not serve.

    Rob Burgess got his start in Hoosier politics in 2008 and has been working in Midwest politics since then. Burgess joined the Hoosier Access team in 2011 and currently sits on the Editorial Board. You can follow him on Twitter.

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