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Hostage Hoosier Highlights – Elmo Does Hard Time, Homophones are Hard, and Always Being Kind

Plan B: Obama allows morning-after pill for under-17s - but don’t you dare think your high schooler is responsible enough to carry a bottle of Tylenol in their back pack. Do these people know how crazy this sounds? mad mad mad world we live in.

People on Twitter think Edward Snowden is a “trader” - funny right? These people are able to vote and have the same weight in deciding who is elected as you. not funny. I could be convinced that poll tests on current events and basic English are a good idea.

Sesame Street designs online kit for kids who have parents in prison - the fact that there is even a need for this is extremely sad. On one hand, I see the good in trying to help children deal with having a parent in jail. On the other hand, there is no shame in anything anymore. There are some situations that shouldn’t ever be viewed as an okay thing. Being in jail for a crime is one of them. sigh.

Everyone is fighting… - dispatch from a friend fighting cancer… gut check. Long story short, make the effort to be kind to the people you meet. You don’t know a stranger’s story. Being kind to someone might be the bright spot in their day and give them the strength to carry on.

Bonus Link:

Peyton Manning Buys Colorado Estate - I am still in mourning over Peyton leaving Indy.



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