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  • And They’re…Running? Looking at the 2014 Races

    Author’s Note: This post was edited at 1:27pm to reflect the fact that these candidates do not become the nominee via a primary but rather through State Convention. The author apologizes for any confusion.

    With the official campaign announcement for a candidate for State Treasurer yesterday, Indiana is officially gearing up for the 2014 elections. Therefore, this post is going to look at several races that will appear on the ballot and give insight on where that race currently stands from a Republican point of view.

    SAFE: Secretary of State
    At this moment, current Secretary of State Connie Lawson is listed as safe because of the fact that there is no foreseeable challenger.

    Secretary Lawson came into a difficult situation and has handled herself and her office with distinction. During her short time in this position, Lawson has started the extensive & time consuming process of cleaning up voter rolls. Due to Lawson handling of her office and her respected reputation among businesses and lawmakers, she should be quite safe in her first bid for the office.

    TOSS UP: State Treasurer
    In the open race for State Treasurer, there is no “safe candidate” at this time. The image above was taken at the announcement of Wayne Seybold’s campaign launch yesterday morning (photo credit: @keithclock).

    Seybold, current mayor of Marion, had a less than passionate turnout for the launch for his campaign as State Treasurer. It has caused some questions to be asked among Republican circles if he has the correct vision for Republicans to support. Seybold’s campaign claims to have secured endorsements of over 50 Republican leaders across the state including 3 former chairmen although the turnout yesterday does not necessarily support this.

    Yet, the Editorial Staff of the Chronicle-Tribune in Marion, IN is not completely excited about Seybold’s bid for higher office. Citing issues facing the city including but not limited to a “true debt” of $12 million, the editorial piece highlights the need for leadership at City Hall.

    We would feel much better about our chances to turn things around if we knew that the city would have an active, engaged mayor. But for the next year or more, depending on if Seybold wins the nomination at the 2014 GOP convention and advances to the November 2014 general election, our mayor will be on the campaign and fundraising trail. So at a time when the city of Marion is crying out for leadership, we could be forced to deal with an absentee mayor as he skates across the state in search of votes.

    We certainly don’t wish Seybold’s campaign ill, but we would have preferred he finish the job he was elected to do in Marion first before seeking a new one. – Chronicle-Tribune

    Many people are still calling for another Republican to get involved in this race specifically asking for Don Bates Jr. 20130604-152442.jpg
    Bates, a former candidate for Congress and current financial advisor, has not made a decision on whether he will run or not.

    WIDE OPEN: State Auditor
    Auditor is a race that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention but nonetheless, Richard Mourdock’s name has popped up as a possible candidate. When asked about this possibility, a spokesperson for Mourdock responded with, “Mr. Mourdock has not indicated any desire to run for any elected office in the 2014 election cycle.”

    Based on this information, there is no major candidate currently laying the ground work for this office.

    As for current Auditor Tim Berry and his plans for the 2014 cycle, a call to Berry’s spokeswoman was not immediately returned.

    At the end of the day, Republicans have a strong chance of retaining these three offices. The question at hand is what Republicans are going to be successful when it comes to convention time. Make sure you keep coming back to Hoosier Access for all your election coverage.

    Rob Burgess got his start in Hoosier politics in 2008 and has been working in Midwest politics since then. Burgess joined the Hoosier Access team in 2011 and currently sits on the Editorial Board. You can follow him on Twitter.

    This post was tagged under: Indiana Politics

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    1. [...] crowd of family, friends and supporters. This came the same day as an editorial printed by the Chronicle-Tribune highlighting issues facing the city of Marion that require a solution and [...]

    2. […] We speculated that Don Bates was considering a run for State Treasurer earlier this year, we reported his “pre-announcement” letter to county party chairs across the state and we shared the news via our Twitter account when he told those gathered for the Allen County Republican Bean Dinner that he would be officially announcing his campaign for State Treasurer soon. So, it was with much anticipation folks gathered in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne to see what Bates was “officially” announcing earlier this week. […]

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