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John Gregg to Reprise Gubernatorial Run in 2016

John Gregg in one of his ads from the 2012 Gubernatorial campaign, announced he plans to run again in 2016 While there has been some speculation as to whether John Gregg would run again for governor, Ross Schulz with the Corydon Democrat has confirmed that Gregg has decided to give it another try.

While the article isn’t available online, in today’s print edition of the Democrat Schulz quotes Gregg AT THE Harrison County Democrat Party’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner:

I had been on the road for two years before getting to come home (after the election. I thought, why not keep going?

Gregg’s announcement may set the record for earliest campaign announcement in history, as the governor has only been elected to a four-year term for a relatively short period of time (originally they were elected to two-year terms).

While this will keep the attention on Gregg, who has a knack for attracting the limelight, it will cast a cloud over newly elected Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz, who was situated to increase her profile substantially as the only Democrat holding state-wide office and whose responsibilities overlapped with a number of Governor Mike Pence’s priorities.

Watch this post for more developments!

This post was tagged under: 2016 Election, Governor, Governor's Race, Indiana Politics, John Gregg, Mike Pence

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