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  • Open Item – Expanded School Vouchers Bill Signing

    Today's open item includes links to stories about school vouchers, the state Supreme Court and the Governor's first vetoSchool vouchers has been at the heart of many efforts to reform Indiana’s education system and WISH-TV is reporting that Gov. Mike Pence intends to sign the expanded school vouchers legislation passed during this past session of the General Assembly later today. We hope to bring you coverage of the event, so keep watching the blog!

    Yesterday our coverage included a link to the coverage of the Benghazi hearing in Congress. U.S. House Speaker John Boehner’s blog has a good synopsis of how yesterday’s hearing conflicts with the White House’s official line on how the response to the attacks on our diplomats were handled. This New York Times piece on Benghazi was specifically called out by Joe Scarbourough via Twitter as something that is giving the White House fits this morning.

    In other news, Marcia Oddi on her Indiana Law Blog reports that the Indiana Supreme Court is in The Region for oral arguments to be held in Merrillville today. We also brought you the news yesterday of Gov. Pence’s first veto – striking down legislation that would have expanded professional licensing.

    Anything else going on today that you’d like to talk about? Post it in the comments below and let’s get a conversation started!

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