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Hostage Hoosier Highlights – We’re All Narcissists Now

Me, myself, and my selfie – a generation that has grown up being told they are wonderful and amazing, everything they do is wonderful and amazing, post wonderful and amazing pictures of themselves the internet. surprise surprise.

Not that Kind of Housework – I kind of think this relates to the first post about selfies. The ridiculous mommy wars that occur on the internet are just the grown up version of posting 7,345,876 pictures of yourself on the internet. You are wonderful, everything you do is wonderful, why wouldn’t the whole world want to know about every detail?

Abercrombie Wants Thin Customers – well of course they do. You wouldn’t want fat girls posting selfies in your clothing; just another symptom of this self absorbed culture. I’ve never bought anything from Abercrombie, mostly because I can’t go in their stores because 1. the lighting is so dim I can’t see anything and 2. the instantaneous headache from the perfume they pour on everything is too much for this migraine sufferer.

When We Hate What We Love – in what shouldn’t be a shock to a Christian, unplugging from the internet doesn’t solve all this guy’s problems. Sin will creep into your life whether it has a connection to the internet or not.

Bonus Link:

Disabled Mom, Nearly Forced to Abort by Judge, Gives Birth – What a beautiful little baby.  Everyone deserves a chance at life.

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