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  • Hoosier Access in the news – National Review covers Pence Tax Cut

    Josh Gillespie pictured next to Gov. Mike Pence at the State of the State addressHoosier Access is not afraid to toot our own horn, particularly when one of our own is quoted in a national media story! Our Editor Emeritus, Josh Gillespie, was quoted in a piece by Katrinka Trinko in National Review’s coverage of Gov. Mike Pence’s tax cut proposal.

    You can read Josh’s take on the Pence tax cut below:

    Indiana Republicans argue that the final agreement was a win for Pence even though it wasn’t his original goal. Josh Gillespie, founder of the political blog Hoosier Access, says the final deal went beyond the legislature’s initial offers. “The original budget that House Republicans passed contained no tax cut whatsoever, and the budget that the Senate Republicans passed contained a 3 percent tax cut,” he says.

    Later in the article Josh discusses the possibility of a Pence presidential campaign:

    “There will always be talk of presidential aspirations,” says Gillespie. “But . . . Indiana is where his heart is and where his focus is right now and at least for the foreseeable future.” If Pence is considering 2016, though, it’s anyone’s guess how long his sights will remain solely on Indiana.

    We commend the entire article to you – it provides a fairly comprehensive look at the debate surrounding the tax cut and the ultimate resolution to the matter. We’re very glad Hoosier Access could add some local perspective to a national story.

    This post was tagged under: 2016 Election, Hoosier Access, Indiana Politics, Mike Pence

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