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  • I Don’t Mean to be Rude but I Gotta Keep Moving

    Please forgive me
    I don’t mean to be rude but I gotta keep moving
    I sure wish I could stay but I gotta keep doing
    What I’ve been called to do

    And don’t forget me
    Long after I’m gone and I’m just a memory
    I hope you can recall what I was saying
    Was nothing but the truth

    – Third Day

    In August of this year Hoosier Access will have served the Hoosier interwebz for six years.  We have been ablePence SOTS 2013 to bring you some of the best election, issue/policy, General Assembly, convention and general overall politically conservative coverage in the state.  However, in recent years, time has caught up to a lot of us, especially myself and some of our coverage has suffered because of it.

    With the birth of my fourth child any day now, a changing of careers and a desire for politics that is bordering on dorment, I have decided that it’s time for me personally, not the site, to hang it up.

    When I first launched this site, back in August of 2007, Hoosier Access was the new guy in a burgeoning sea of political blogging in Indiana.  Many have come and gone since then, but I’m proud to say that Hoosier Access has weathered it all and has been recognized both locally and nationally for the work my team has done including a “2009 Blindy Award” from the Blog Indiana Conference for “Best Political Blog in Indiana” and twice recognized by the Washington Post as one of the best state based blogs in the country.  I couldn’t be more proud of the group that has been assembled and the future is looking bright.

    dpillieI have worked very closely with the existing group and know that they will continue the work I started almost six years ago.  All in all, this is a very exciting time and even though I am departing, I will be working hand in hand with the transition team to make sure there are no missteps and that Hoosier Access continues strong.  And while the site will continue on without me, I will still have a bit of a presence in an emeritus roll.  I may write the occasional post, but day to day controlling of the site will handed off, in my humble opinion, to one of the most respected people in all of politics, Derek Pillie.  Derek is a veteran of Northeast Indiana politics and has, in the past, served very admirably for a member of Congress.  His leadership is unquestioned and I know that team he has assembled and the direction he will take Hoosier Access will be better than ever.  I have the fullest confidence in Derek Pillie and you should too.  Frankly, there is no other person I could trust more to take the reigns of Hoosier Access.

    In closing, thank you for five and half great years.  Thank you for the conventions, the conferences, the dinners and most of all the memories.  Hoosier Access has meant so much to me and you the readers, the conventioners, the grassroots folks, the candidates and elected leaders have made that possible.    There has been a lot of great  debate, especially here on the conservative side of aisle, on the path of Indiana and our nation.  The debate will continue here for sure.  Hoosier Access will continue to hold our elected leaders, Republican and Democrat, accountable.  And I won’t completely disappear from the scene.  You will still be able to catch me in the pages of the Indianpolis Business Journal writing every other month, starting in July, for the Forefront column and I hope to continue my weekly podcast on FTRradio.com.  When does the podcast air you ask?  Well, check out the link right below the “Donate Button” at the top right hand corner of the site.  And while you’re at it, please donate to the site so the new crew can continue to bring you the best politically conservative coverage in Indiana.  And of course, you can catch me on twitter @joshgillespie and at www.joshgillespie.com.

    Thank you all.  Thank you for everything!

    Well, I’m gone, it was nice to meet you
    But I’m gone, I’m sure gonna miss you
    But I’ve got to keep moving on
    I can’t stay in one place too long
    Say a prayer for me

    – Third Day

    One last thing. I couldn’t leave without sharing the song I’ve been quoting. Two words. Mandolin solo!

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