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Shut up about the “War on Christmas!”

Don’t we have enough conflict in our society without looking for things to fight about where no fight actually exists?

Sarah Palin is writing a book about the mythical “War on Christmas.”

I absolutely hate this “war on Christmas” nonsense that we hear about every year in November and December. Yes, there are a tiny number of people who object to things like people who say “Merry Christmas” – whiny crybabies who need to grow up. Why is it offensive when someone sends a seasonal wish of goodwill to you, whether you personally believe in the holiday or not? Get over yourself and move on.

I am just as irritated with the childish and petulant Christmas “warriors” who loudly announce they will say “Merry Christmas” to the crybabies who object to it. In this case, what should be a heartfelt expression of goodwill is basically a double middle finger in the face. Yes, the militant atheists are being childish, but that is no excuse to join them and to degrade what should be a heartfelt expression of goodwill in the process. Be the bigger person.

I love the Christmas season, but when Christmas is over I am glad that I do not have to see “news” stories or opinion pieces about this foolishness for the next 10 months. Now, thanks to Sarah Palin we do not have to wait until November to start our annual childish nonsense, because we can start the fight in March! Thanks, Sarah. Now please shut your mouth turn off your word processing program until you have something productive to say or write.

Folks, this is ridiculous. Over 3,200 unborn babies are murdered by our abortion industry every single day – one murder every 30 seconds. Instead of working on issues that actually matter, some Christians are fighting over a “War on Christmas” that is 99% fantasy and 1% the ranting of deranged militant atheists who no one takes seriously. Can we please lay this foolishness to rest once and for all?

Scott Tibbs blogs at Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google Plus.

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