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  • Americans for Prosperity-IN Endorses Pence Proposals

    Citing five major reasons, the Indiana state chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP) endorsed both the budget and tax cut proposals put forth by first term governor, Mike Pence. The endorsement, sent out by AFP-IN State Director, Chase Downham, praised Pence’s budget proposal for being honestly balanced, funding the state’s priorities and holding the line on excessive government spending.

    The two major facts that AFP-IN mentions for supporting the “honestly balanced” budget are that it maintains a $238 million annual surplus and does not spend a single dollar more than the state of Indiana is projected to collect. In fact, the term “honestly balanced” was used by Governor Pence in his State of the State Address at least two times (Read HoosierAccess’ coverage here).

    Mike PenceAmericans for Prosperity, a national organization with 35 state chapters, is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that focuses on the issues of economic freedom. Their message resonates with millions of people across the country. Some of those people are elected officials right here in Indiana. Governor Pence supported the ideas AFP represented while he served in Congress. Pence even spoke at no less than four AFP events. Some members of the Indiana General Assembly are excited that Americans for Prosperity is playing a role in the state of Indiana.

    State Senator Jim Banks

    “AFP Indiana has quickly become a significant voice in the statehouse. Their active presence in the legislative process is appreciated by many conservative members of the General Assembly.” State Senator Jim Banks said. “I agree with AFP’s endorsement of Governor Pence’s budget and tax cut proposals but do believe that more can be done for the Hoosier taxpayers. Governor Pence has laid out great groundwork for Indiana to continue to prosper as one of the most successful and fiscally responsible states in the Midwest.”Americans for Prosperity – Indiana also endorsed Governor Pence’s proposal that calls for 10% income tax cut across the board. This permanent tax relief will put $500 million a year into the state’s economy. That is money that Hoosiers can decide for themselves how to spend, save, or invest.

    It is time for the average Hoosier to get a break. In recent years, the state has cut corporate taxes and inheritance taxes. Now it is the time to help our friends and neighbors with a 10% cut in the personal income tax rate. The real impact from this tax cut will come from the 92% of Hoosier small businesses that pay their business taxes at the personal income tax rate. Small businesses generate more than half of all new jobs. Putting more money in the pockets of these small businesses means putting more Hoosiers to work. As Governor Pence said in his State of the State address, “Government doesn’t create jobs, other than government jobs, but government can create the conditions where people can be the risk takers, innovators and workers who will create the jobs and opportunities of tomorrow.”

    Competition for new businesses is tough and other states are not standing still. Louisiana and Nebraska are considering eliminating their income tax completely while Oklahoma and Kansas are already on that path. Indiana is in the black and we can afford to give Hoosiers this substantial tax break. In fact, the honest truth is that if we want Indiana to stay competitive, we cannot afford not to.

    photo (5)

    Our neighbors to the east realize this too. In response to Governor Pence’s proposals, the State Policy Director for Americans for Prosperity – Ohio, Seth Morgan, had the following reaction. “Indiana’s policies continue to show that they understand the power of limiting government and unleashing the private sector. Limiting spending, lowering taxes, and right to work – they are all steps towards unleashing the power of personal liberties – and they work. Ohio’s government leaders could take a lesson or two from our neighbors to the west.

    Chase Downham AFP-INChase Downham and AFP-IN aren’t stopping here though. AFP-IN agrees with Senator Banks when he says more can be done. “As taxpayers, we must always stay vigilant as governments seek to grow and spend more. This will certainly take us not only to the Statehouse but also to city and county governments across Indiana.”

    At the end of the day we have to ask ourselves a question: Do we want to grow the state government or do we want to grow the state’s economy? In my opinion, it’s an easy choice.

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