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  • Obama set to put politics above victims of 2012 tragedies

    Some of us were vocal from the start and some of us were careful as we just bit our tongues before politicizing it according to our own opinions, but The Hill has confirmed what many of us suspected all along: President Obama is planning on using the tragedies of 2012 (like the Newtown shooting) to advance his radical anti-self defense agenda.

    Instead of focusing on where we should be putting attention and resources, like directly aiding the victims of the crimes and looking into more effective mental health policy, the president and his associates are going to try to dilute and eventually stamp out a constitutional amendment that has more context and importance than nationalized healthcare ever did.

    The Hill reports:

    The president has reached out to lawmakers who have expressed a new willingness to consider gun restrictions in the wake of Friday’s mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., that claimed the lives of 27 people, including 20 children. Carney said Obama has been “heartened” by the willingness to consider such measures from Democrats who have been strong supporters of gun rights.

    This means support from Democrats like Indiana’s senator-elect Joe Donnelly, who has also confirmed that he is magically now open to more gun control than he ever was before. Call me cynical, but I guess his liberal overlords are already cashing in on their campaign donations.

    Add to that the fact that useful idiots in the mainstream media, like political correspondent Jeff Greenfield are demanding that Obama and other politicians politicize the shootings while they can. And here’s a shocker, Greenfield also gets paid by your tax dollars via PBS. If you’re President Obama, why not push this propaganda through a taxpayer funded entity? Right? That’s completely ethical…

    Nevermind the fact that Greenfield tries to justify gun control by using examples of laws that increased liberty and the right to defend oneself from tragedy and oppression, while gun control is exactly the opposite. He doesn’t care about that and apparently neither does Obama.

    Nevermind that 99.9% of gun owners use their weapons responsibly and carefully. More people are reckless with their cars and more people die because of car accidents, too.

    Nevermind the fact that there are countless scores of cases where gun-owners have directly stopped crime and mass shootings.

    Nevermind the fact that like most government programs, gun bans cannot be directly attributed to crime prevention in any way.

    Never let a crisis go to waste? Right?

    Pure and simple: this is a cold power grab disguised as compassion. Thankfully, even some liberals are taking note of the futility of crime prevention and downright oppression of the general citizenry that is inherent in gun control. So whether you believe we are on a trajectory to systematic government oppression or are just concerned about the ability to defend yourself from criminals who will always find ways to access guns, we must stand up to these attempts and demand our federal government focus, with laser-like precision, on creating a better jobs environment and thus a better economy.

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