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Deer task force reveals our depravity

The saddest thing about the controversy regarding how to control deer within city limits is that we have so much outrage over killing animals while we have little to no outrage about murdering babies every week on South College Avenue. The depravity of our city was on full display when city council member Chris Sturbaum was quoted by the Herald-Times regarding his position on controlling the population:

Council member Chris Sturbaum, who said he carries spiders outside not to kill them, said he would probably not support culling deer within city limits.

Yes, Councilor Sturbaum is so compassionate that he will not kill a spider in his own home, and proudly thumps his chest in public about his righteousness. And yet he has no problem supporting a business that was murdering babies the very next morning, just a few blocks from where he was praising himself for being compassionate. He has no problem using his power as a city councilor to force the people of Bloomington to do the same.

People are very passionate about the subject of killing deer, which is understandable. But it is utterly perverse that people turn out to the council meetings in droves and write letters to the editor opposing this “inhumane” solution while they either yawn at or actively support the murders of human children that happen every single day in this city. We make a big show of opposing violence, while we sacrifice hundreds to Molech. It is sick.

Scott Tibbs blogs at Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google Plus.

This post was tagged under: Local Government, Local Politics, Pro-Life

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