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  • We are Closer Than You Can Possibly Believe…

    Republicans should gain control of the U.S. Senate this year, but so much more is possible!Adam Cahn walks us through his path to a Senate majority on his blog Cahnman’s Musings. I commend the entire blog post on taking a super majoring in the Senate to you, but here’s just a bit to wet your appetite:

    One of my pet peeves this election season is that people aren’t being aggressive enough in U.S. Senate races. Of the 33 seats up this cycle, two thirds are held by Democrats. Of the seats held by Democrats, thirteen are in states that are neither in New England or on the West Coast.

    You may remember last December I wrote a post that encouraged folks to stay focused on the Senate majority:

    Next year there are 33 Senate seats up for election. Of those seats, 23 are held by Senators who caucus with the Democrats. For a state-by-state breakdown of the states and the candidates, you should check out the Senate Conservatives PAC’s website. While the Iowa caucuses grab the headlines, there are Senate races in four of the six states bordering Iowa where we need new leadership!

    There is a good opportunity here to have a real impact on the kind of policy changes we can see in Washington over the next two years! In our weekly #HAchat, congressional chief of staff Jim Pfaff said the following when asked about the importance of a Senate majority, “It’s hugely important. There’s alot of legislation we could pass, but Harry Reid refuses. Still hard without 60, but better.” When Josh Gillespie asked what types of legislation might have a shot, Pfaff said, “Some tax reform, 30 jobs bills, Transparency bills, REINS Act, Lots of EPA reforms, etc.”

    Let’s not lose this opportunity to “think big” as Adam Cahn implores us. There are lots of ways you can have an impact. We need to do our part in Indiana, but in the final days of campaigns it is execution that is important and many hands make light work. Connect with a campaign and see if they are set up to accommodate people making calls from home (most competitive campaigns are). Young Hoosiers for Romney have been making trips to these states as well! I know it is a busy time of year, but a little help now can help you from throwing your fists in the air the first time our policy objectives get compromised by the threat of a filibuster.

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