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  • Congressional Chief of Staff Jim Pfaff this Wednesday at 8pm on #HAchat

    Hoosier Access Chats continue this Wednesday at 8pm w/ Congressional Chief of Staff Jim Pfaff


    We hope you all enjoyed our chat with State Senator Jim Banks last week! Every Wednesday at 8pm we host a chat on Twitter using the hashtag #HAchat where you can talk about news and politics in the Hoosier state.

    If you missed last week’s #HAchat, read Derek Trovillion’s excellent Storify summary of our chat with Senator Banks and the live blog of the Gubenatorial Debate that proceeded it. This week Hoosier Access is excited to have former Hoosier and Chief of Staff Jim Pfaff joining us! Jim has a strong history in grassroots organizing and conservative media prior to joining Congressional staff. From Jim Pfaff’s online biography:

    Jim has been involved in conservative politics since 1984. In that year, he was part of a group of college students who started a nationwide, conservative campus organization. He served as campaign manager for various campaigns in the 1990s.

    After managing various statewide campaigns and grassroots efforts early in his career, Jim has served since 1998 as President of IRDS, Inc., a public relations and political consulting firm that specializes in grassroots mobilization, public policy consulting and polling. He is an expert campaign manager, public relations specialist, and legislative advocate with nearly twenty years experience. Jim is a veteran grassroots organizer who is recognized as a national leader in his field.

    Jim is an alumni of IU Bloomington and has led conservative organizations like Colorado Family Institute and the Colorado State Americans for Prosperity organization.

    If you’d like to learn more about Twitter chats and how they work, read this blog post from Kevin Mullett about the tools you can use to participate. Those of you who don’t care for Twitter can follow the chat live here on HoosierAccess.com – we’ll pull all of the messages into the blog for you to follow along and add your own comments!

    We hope you’re ready to get the inside scoop on what is happening in Washington, D.C.! Please join us Wednesday at 8pm for #HAchat!

    Derek Pillie also writes on his personal blog JackUVallTrades. You can follow him on Twitter, be his friend on Facebook, connect on LinkedIn, or include him in your circle on Google Plus.

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