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After poor debate performance, Facebook promotes Obama on sign-in page

Independent voters are saying President Obama looked weak last night, contrasted with Romney who was persistent and clear in stating that trickle down government will not work along with evidence as to why.

As demonstrated by his excuses last night, Obama recently even gave himself an “incomplete” grade on the economy, acknowledging that “Yes we can” has turned into “Hey, you know I’ve been busy playing golf and am still working on a few things… pretty please give me another term.”

Meanwhile, The Hill reports that Team Obama has said “adjustments will be made to debate strategy” as if the problem is messaging and isn’t just the fact that Obama and the Democrats like Joe Donnelly have a dismal record of reckless spending and job killing policies.

As a result, showing they sense the trouble that Obama is in, it appears that Facebook is now promoting the president on the popular social medium’s sign-in page.


Okay, I admit it, though that is an actual screen capture and is not photoshopped, the picture was just for a laugh. It’s almost Friday, anyway.

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