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    Interview with 6th Congressional District Candidate Don Bates Jr.

    There are very few people who can take up the mantle of leadership in 6th District that is being vacated by Mike Pence after he decided to run for Governor.  The only person who can who is currently running in the 6th District is Don Bates, Jr.  Don is not a career politician.  He has not is not a perennial candidate for office.  Don is a candidate who responded to a call by community leaders from around the district.  He’s a local businessman who understands what it takes to help bring our country back from economic despair.  With a crowded field running in the 6th District, Don in the only candidate who will put the needs of his constituents first.

    If you live in the 6th District, please take the time, if you haven’t already, to check out Don Bates Jr., before you cast your vote.

    This interview originally aired on April 24, 2012.

    Interview with 6th Congressional District Candidate Don Bates Jr.


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