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  • Mourdock has #INsen lead, Dick Lugar solicits Dem votes

    A new poll, done by McLaughlin & Associates, shows an exciting new turn for the Indiana Senate race between moderate incumbent Dick Lugar and conservative challenger, Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock. Mourdock is now beating Lugar among the lot of primary voters.

    Reports show that in response to this lead, Dick Lugar is now soliciting votes from Democrats from across the state. The Mourdock campaign is now highlighting these reports from Roll Call, as well as Legislative Insight (a publication covering Indiana’s political and governmental landscape)  (see here and here). This is likely the result of the Lugar camp seeing similar polls and assessing them as McLaughlin & Associates do:

    “Among the two thirds of the Republican primary electorate who have a firm opinion of both candidates, the majority is voting for Richard Mourdock (55% to 36%). The results from this week’s tracking poll show that Richard Mourdock has taken the lead on the Republican primary ballot for U.S. Senate. These results clearly demonstrate that Richard Mourdock has the momentum to win.”

    Looking at the overall number of respondents, Mourdock edges Lugar 42-41, with 17% undecided. As history shows, these undecideds will likely split away from incumbent Dick Lugar.

    Meanwhile, though Lugar was previously regarded as “electable” and a “statesman,” new ads show that he and his campaign are committed to wallowing in the mud. After numerous ethics problems and campaign missteps, many have charged that Lugar might not be so electable after all and the word “desperate” has become a common description of the Lugar campaign.

    After the Lugar campaign went on record with Politico mocking Richard Mourdock’s necktie and hair, we can only wonder if we have yet to see Lugar’s campaign hit rock bottom.

    Looking forward, the pollsters offer us a clue on the direction of the race, which may be a result of the Lugar campaign’s numerous stumblings. Unfortunately, there are no indications this race will get any cleaner.

    “Now, the candidates share a similar favorable rating, but the key difference is that Richard Mourdock numbers are trending upwards in comparison to Senator Lugar’s numbers, which are heading downwards.”

    Ironically, given Lugar’s record on United Nations style disarmament, the Lugar camp will probably have no other option than to continue going nuclear on Mourdock because those favorable ratings aren’t coming back.

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