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    VIDEO: A Moment with Rep. Allen West at CPAC 2012

    The conservative bloggers at CPAC were happy to receive a visit from Representative Allen West (Florida, 22nd District) this year. The second he walked into the room he was mobbed by the bloggers and their ubiquitous handi-cams.

    West talked vice presidential possibilities, South America, his status as the most outspoken congressman on the Hill, military meals, Marco Rubio, and more.

    An amusing side note, close to the beginning of this video some TV folks from Sky News ran into our blogger room and tried to monopolize the Congressman for their TV camera. One of the bloggers, Jeff Dunetz of Yid With Lid, chased them out saying “You’re not credentialed for this room!” Love it. Jeff is a bulldog.

    YouTube Preview Image

    In any case, Col. West was a very nice fellow, for sure. Humble and straight-forward.

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