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  • Dick Lugar: A so-called ‘statesman’ without a state

    A well-respected Indianapolis radio station, WIBC 93.1FM is reporting today that “[an] I-U law professor says there may be some validity to Richard Mourdock’s claim that Senator Dick Lugar doesn’t live in Indiana.”  And this isn’t just any professor, this is a professor of constitutional law.

    Despite the arrogant claims of the Lugar campaign, and his campaign staff and official staff’s sniping on Twitter, Lugar will likely not get the same regard as someone who is actually serving in the military in somewhere like Afghanistan or Iraq. Saying such a thing shows that the Dick Lugar campaign is just that high on hubris.

    WIBC continues, quoting the professor:

    John Hill, Professor of Constitutional Law at the I-U Robert H. McKinney School of Law, says the U.S. Constitution says Senators must “inhabit” the state they represent.

    “What’s interesting is unlike the voting requirements, who gets to vote in the state which are governed by state law, these standards are actually governed by federal law so the Attorney General’s opinion is not relevant to this particular question,” Hill says.

    It is clear that whether or not Governor Daniels actually decides to act upon his former mentor’s residency problems, this battle will continue as a campaign issue. What’s worse for Lugar is that it sets the perfect stage by drawing attention to how he forgot about Hoosier values, not just through his refusal to live here, but through his votes, including:

    * Voting for bills that allow bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. to restrict our 2nd amendment rights

    * Ceding U.S. sovereignty by sponsoring amnesty provisions

    * Ceding our rights to property and resources via treaties like LOST

    * Disregarding the importance of our national defense abilities via treaties like START II (also see here)

    * Working with Obama to further weaken the US via the Obama-Lugar nuclear draw down (where Lugar says one thing about Obama’s foreign policy, but then goes along with him on multiple issues)

    We know that Dick Lugar doesn’t live in Indiana, and instead chooses to live in some beltway mansion. We know that he and his wife Charlene appear to have fraudulently filed paperwork listing an address that they haven’t lived in for over three decades. Now we are reminded that Dick Lugar is only representative of Hoosier values when he’s facing an opponent in a reelection fight.

    Especially after you’ve had the privilege to represent Indiana for over 35  years in D.C., that doesn’t cut it, Senator Lugar. It’s time for Richard Mourdock to take the reins.

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