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  • REALLY!?! – Andre Carson WTF?! Edition

    A video surfaced last night that showed Indianapolis Rep. Andre Carson as just the latest Democrat member to, not only speak ill of the Tea Party Movement (no news there), but to outright use hateful language toward the movement.

    First off, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters in just the last week said in a town hall that “…as far as I’m concerned — the Tea Party can go straight to hell.” That was followed by Democrat Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson saying in a Miami town hall “Let us all remember who the real enemy is. The real enemy is the Tea Party”. Now the latest comes from Hoosier Congressman Andre Carson shown in the video below:

    YouTube Preview Image

    In case you didn’t get that, Carson said that tea party aligned members of Congress view African Americans as “second-class citizens” and would like to see them “hanging on a tree.”  So, not only is he attacking the tea party movement, he’s specifically targeting his fellow members of Congress and blatantly calling them racist.  WHA?!?!?!  I’ve heard some asinine rhetoric coming from the halls of congress, but this just might take the cake.  In fact, it reminds me of a segment that used to appear on Saturday Night Live (SNL to those 20 years or younger) called “REALLY!?!”…but minus Seth and Amy.

    REALLY!?! Congressman Carson.  Congress has an 84% disapproval record.  Most Americans want Congress to work together.  Do you think claiming that your colleagues on the other side of the aisle are essentially “Klansmen” will really inspire them to cross the aisle and work with you?!?

    And REALLY!?! Congressman Carson.  Do you  and your fellow colleagues actually think that using racially charged hate language will actually improve your standing in the community writ-large?  After the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabby Giffords, President Obama called for a “new era of civility” in Washington.  No one should be using that kind of charged language, least of a members of congress.  What good does it do?  It only serves to feed the cynicism and tensions of Americans around the country ?

    And REALLY!?! Congressman Carson.  Not only did you not deny or back off your comments, you DOUBLED DOWN on them when your spokesman said:

    “So, yes, the congressman used strong language because the Tea Party agenda jeopardizes our most vulnerable and leaves them without the ability to improve their economic standing.”

    I understand that may be your misguided view of the tea party and you’re free to have that, but to equate that with wanting to see any person regardless of race “hanging from a tree” is obscene.

    I mean REALLY!?!

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    3 responses to “REALLY!?! – Andre Carson WTF?! Edition”

    1. Vox says:

      so who is going to run against this congressman? Surely someone has the ability to beat him in the upcoming election

    2. JednaVira says:

      Andre Carson IS a second class citizen and it’s not because of the color of his skin. He is second class because he is a racist, hate-filled, ignorant man. He was spoon fed a job due to the influence his grandmother, Julia Carson, had within Marion County, Indianapolis. He couldn’t pass a simple test to gain employment within the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, so he needed remedial training and miraculously passed! Since the black community casts votes based purely on race, they elected Andre when his grandma “retired.” Andre Carson is a microcosm of the ignorance that now pervades the inner city within Indianapolis. Thank God, I’m sorry Andre, Thank Allah, you aren’t my Congressman.

    3. datechguy says:

      You always get the government you deserve, if his district is foolish enough to vote him in they deserve him

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