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    Mike Pence Launches First Campaign Video

    Congressman Mike Pence released his first campaign video entitled “The Campaign Kickoff: An Even Better Indiana”.  This video shows highlights of his rally in Columbus, Indiana this past weekend officially launching his campaign.

    For anyone who foolishly claims that Mike Pence is just a “DC insider”, Pence hits back with this gem:

    “I’m running for governor because I love this state. From the Ohio River to the shores of Lake Michigan, high school basketball to the Oaken Bucket, Indiana is special. The heart, the compassion, the decency, that is the people of this state.”

    Mike Pence knows Indiana. He knows Hoosiers and the sacrifices we make every day to make sure we can provide the best for our families and ourselves.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Sit back, hold on tight and be prepared for one heck of a campaign.

    (Help get Mike on the ballot and donate today!)

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