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Was It a Good Idea For House Democrats to Flee Indiana? Spoiler Alert: NO!

Chris Worden of Indy’s Painfully Objective Political Analysis fame and I squared off yet again on Fox59′s “Face Off” segment.  What can I say?  They love us!  This time we discussed the legitimacy of the Indiana House Democrats fleeing Indiana to escape what they’re paid to do; serve the constituents they were elected to represent.  This turned out to be a bit of a heated exchange.  Good times.

YouTube Preview Image

This post was tagged under: Indiana Politics, Shady Democrat Doings

3 Responses to “Was It a Good Idea For House Democrats to Flee Indiana? Spoiler Alert: NO!”

  1. Twoop says:

    Typical leftist, couldn't even let you make your points without trying to shout you down.

  2. Deane Nelson says:

    No, I could not foresee all democrat legislators abandoning their jobs. They were elected to represent their constituents. But, alas, they must play Baby Huey if they don't get their way. Going to Urbana- is that in the best interest of my district?

    They will sure;l be back when redistricting comes up.

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