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  • Mr. Bauer: Hoosiers Gave a Mandate

    On the opening day of the new legislative session last week, Minority Leader and former Speaker Pat Bauer (D-South Bend) worked overtime using obscure rules to obstruct the normal flow of legislative business. Bauer, in explaining why he did what he did, seems to have been unable to conceal the overtly political nature of the move to tie up the House in procedural votes on bills ready for referral to committee.

    If the new session ends up being particularly rancorous, it won’t be the Republicans’ fault. Bauer and his Democrat minority fired the first shot and unfortunately started down the road of legislative hardball. According to an AP story, one way Republicans could potentially satisfy the demands of a House minority whose do-nothing mantra led to their ouster, is to give Bauer a say in redistricting. Bauer has suggested that if Republicans leave legislative district lines virtually unchanged, that would be display of bipartisanship that could potentially lead to less disruption from his party.

    Putting aside the fact that Bauer is not known to keep his word when addressing Republicans, Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) should do everything he can to make sure that whether the issue is the budget or redistricting, local government reform or the protection of traditional marriage, the change Indiana voters voted for last fall takes place. Republican legislative candidates ran on Hoosier values and commonsense. Their views stand in stark contrast to the big-spending, big-union, big-government ways of Democrats like Pat Bauer.

    At every point necessary during this session, Speaker Bosma should remind Minority Leader Bauer that the mandate of Hoosier voters will carry the day. There is no room to compromise on redistricting. There is no room to compromise on fiscal discipline. There is no room to compromise on the issues of life and family. When the voters give a mandate, they expect that mandate to be acted upon.

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