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  • Support Dr. Larry Bucshon in Indiana's Eighth Congressional District

    Hoosier Access is pleased to bring you this exclusive guest-post by one of the “Young Guns” Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA 22) in support of Dr. Larry Bucshon who is running in Indiana’s 8th Congressional district.


    What drives people to put aside their regular lives and dive into politics?

    For a few doctors it was the Congressional Democrats passing their unpopular health care law. Who better understands the health care system than our doctors? One such person is Dr. Larry Bucshon running in Indiana’s Eighth Congressional District.

    Larry Bucshon

    This heart surgeon and Navy veteran knows there will be many intended and unintended consequences. Taxes will go up and mandates imposed on businesses will kill jobs. Yet health care costs will continue to rise and the quality of care will decrease.

    Doing nothing about health care is no option. That’s just rhetoric Democrats use. Larry has some good ideas to reform health care in a way that actually works and doesn’t require a government takeover:

    • Tort reform to stop frivolous lawsuits.
    • Expand Health Savings Accounts to empower consumers.
    • Create competitive pools so small businesses have the same buying power like bigger businesses.
    • Let consumers buy insurance across state lines to increase competition.

    Larry is also running to make sure we keep taxes low, get control over the government’s out-of-control spending, and fight to balance our budget.

    Irresponsible Congressional Democrats and their record have created fear among business that is stopping them from hiring. Electing Young Guns candidates like Larry will help erase that fear.

    Learn more about Larry in this interview with RedState’s Moe Lane in May.

    Then check out Larry’s website and follow him on Twitter. And let me know how you think his race is going.

    This post was tagged under: 2010 Election, Kevin McCarthy, Larry Bucshon

    6 responses to “Support Dr. Larry Bucshon in Indiana's Eighth Congressional District”

    1. @IndyStudent says:

      I don't live in that part of the state, but I have a friend who works within the GOP down in the southern part of the state, and she is very excited about Bucshon being their candidate. I don't know what the general electorate feels, but at least he's pleasing to the "base".

      Some other candidates should take note of that. First, you need to please your base, then you need to win the election. You can't win a general election without having a good, solid base.

    2. Scott Tibbs says:

      I disagree with "tort reform" but other than that these are good, common sense reforms.

    3. […] Origianally posted by Hoosier Access. The picture was taken at the Vincennes 4th of July parade and the lovely lady in the Red, White and Blue is none other than Velma Hendrix. Support Dr. Larry Bucshon in Indiana’s Eighth Congressional District […]

    4. MarkJ says:

      Dr. Bucshon is a disciple of the failed economic policies that have abandoned working men and women for the last thirty years.

    5. PTN says:

      We live in Martin county IN 8th district and will be voting for Dr.Bucshon. We have previously supported Brad Ellsworth now running for senator twice but would not have done so again for congress or now the senate. Mr.Ellsworth lost us with his healthcare and stimulus votes.

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