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  • Media coverage for Gov. Daniels

    Well how many does this make? In the past few weeks a lot of folks have been writing their thoughts on Gov. Daniels and a possible 2012 Presidential bid.

    Here are what some are saying:

    From the American Spectator

    While he won’t win on charisma, Daniels has an opening to run as a grown-up at a time when Washington is desperately in need of adult supervision.

    The Weekly Standard

    When Daniels took office, in 2004, the state faced a $200 million deficit and hadn’t balanced its budget in seven years. Four years later, all outstanding debts had been paid off; after four balanced budgets, the state was running a surplus of $1.3 billion, which has cushioned the blows from a steady decline in revenues caused by the recession. The state today is spending roughly the same amount that it was when Daniels took office, largely because he resisted the budget increases other states were indulging in the past decade.

    New York Times

    Gov. Mitch Daniels is the one most likely to become the 2012 presidential nominee. I like him because he’s about 5 feet 7 inches or so. He’s low to the ground. His fan club should be called the Mitchets. I like a presidential aspirant who is roughly my height. Plus he happens to be a very successful governor — a pragmatic manager with an impeccable record of fiscal responsibility.

    For those who are saying that Gov. Daniels doesn’t have “national attention” needs to be paying “attention” a little more. Argue all you want, he is good and knows how to get the job done! I am for one thankful I live in a state that is being lead by My Man Mitch!

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    5 responses to “Media coverage for Gov. Daniels”

    1. wilson46201 says:

      Remember this TV spot from 2008?

      Mitch Daniels definitively told voters he'd NEVER EVER run for public office ever again.

      Never again!!!

    2. Mark says:

      Why are you Dems so scared of the possibility of him running? Did he say he was running? Nope, but that doesn't mean he can't change his mind.

      Face it Wilson…the policies of your party are failing and people didn't sign up for this!

    3. wilson46201 says:

      Daniels just "changing his mind" on running again is just clearly repudiating a major, repeated campaign pledge. Why trust his word ever again?

    4. Mark says:

      Let's talk about campaign pledges shall we? Oh wait a minute…talking reality with Liberal Democrats just doesn't happen!

    5. “Daniels’s appeal is this — he’s the no BS candidate, the no-frills guy who doesn’t come off as a PR firm executive and intentionally doesn’t speak in poll-tested sound bites,” veteran Republican pollster Curt Anderson said.

      Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0610/38287.h

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