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  • Candidate Monday….Ron Bacon HD 75

    This morning I got an opportunity to speak with Ron Bacon (R) who is running for Indiana State House District 75 against Rep. Dennis Avery (D). You can see a map of House District 75 here. This district includes parts of  of Vanderburgh, Gibson and Warrick counties. I would like to thank Ron for taking the time to talk with me.


    As a small business owner in Vanderburgh and Warrick Counties for the past 32 years, Ron understands the importance of fiscal responsibility. Whether leasing space, selling products or signing paychecks, he knows what it means to watch the bottom line. He’s seen firsthand how lower taxes on small businesses mean more jobs for working families in Southwest Indiana. But he also realizes that his fiscal decisions have real consequences for his employees and his family.

    And Ron knows a thing or two about keeping government spending low while providing high quality service to Hoosier citizens. As an elected Warrick County Councilman, he never voted for a budget that spent more money than the local government was bringing in. As the Warrick County Coroner, he modernized the department and implemented a model of service that makes record keeping easier and response times quicker for families in their times of loss. In this tough economic environment, we need legislators who will vote with those same principle in mind.

    Ron currently lives in Warrick County with his wife, Karen. They have two children and 3 grandchildren. In addition to owning Freedom Medical, the only family-owned medical supply store in Southwest Indiana, and serving as an elected official in Warrick County, he is also actively involved in many community service organizations. He is currently a member of Vanderburgh County Right to Life, Indiana Right to Life, the National Rifle Association, and the Kiwanis, and formerly served as president of the Boonville Kiwanis, Boonville Junior League Baseball/Softball program, and secretary and treasurer of the Evansville West Side Optimist Club. In his spare time, he is a master gardener and likes to restore classic cars.

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    Goals for HD 75?

    Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs. We can do this by creating an environment that will entice new and existing companies to invest in our community. This will not only create new jobs, but will also save existing ones. Currently, Indiana is the best State in the Mid-West to locate a business and as Legislators, we need to continue to improve our position.

    To have a Representative that will hold monthly meetings in the district to Listen to his constituents and act on their ideals and suggestions.

    To make government work for us.

    Conservative Values?

    Fiscal Responsibility, Lower Taxes, Smaller Government.  We need to protect our States sovereignty by controlling spending, balancing budgets and thinking “outside the box” when it comes to doing business smarter, faster and more efficient.  Now is not the time as a lawmaker to be passive or meek, now is the time to lead or get out of the way.

    Tax Caps?

    I support Tax Caps. If we the citizens of this state could possibly have our homes and property turned into liabilities instead of assets it concerns me. If the infringement of Property Taxes is not limited by laws every property holder in this state is at risk of financial crisis due to potential undisciplined government spending. Tax Caps give clear parameters and makes government live within a budget, just like the rest of us.

    Education Funding?

    Education Funding is very important, but it is not free from scrutiny or review.  Education has to work within limits and schools need to know that we are not going to hand them a blank check.  Administrators and Teachers need to be held accountable for what they are teaching and how pupils perform in state administered test.  We need to look at legislation similar to what the Commonwealth of Kentucky is working toward.  We need Colleges and Universities teaching from general education based upon a curriculum that is such that all general education credits are transferable within the University System in this state.  Why should I as a parent, student or even as a taxpayer need to pay for a student to take English 101 over again simply because a different book was used or there is a mild difference between curriculums?  I believe the College and University System of Indiana need to work together and make general education credits transferable, one for one within the state.  This lessons the burden on not only parents but the taxpayers paying the salaries of professors teaching redundant classes.

    Township Government?

    We have reached a crossroad to Township Government. We have come to a point where we have to ask ourselves “What do we really need?” I am not one that wants to pay for an antiquated form of government that spends 40% to 60% of its tax revenues an administrative cost. It is a flagrant misuse of funds. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. It is time to roll up our sleeves and take on this issue as a state. It is a time to reduce government.

    I would like to thank Ron for speaking with me about this campaign and what he has to offer the State House as far as new leadership goes. Ron is a great candidate for this seat and I believe he will serve the people of this district well.

    I would encourage everyone down in this district to do what you can to help Ron get in this seat. If you would like more info on Ron and his campaign you can go to his website, Facebook and Twitter.




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