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    IUPUI Prof & Indy Star Columnist: Hell is Reserved For Those Who Defend the Unborn

    IUPUI professor and columnist for the Indianapolis Star Sheila Suess-Kennedy made a shockingly hate-filled statement on her Facebook account when commenting on the current health care debate in the Senate:

    “I hope there really IS a hell, and that people like Joe Lieberman and that Nebraska Senator who would prefer that existing people die in order to prevent the aborting of potential people rot there forever.”

    Potential person?  The unborn human baby is not “potentially” a person, as if there is also the potential that he or she will be born a horse or an iguana.  Left to the normal course of nature, a human fetus turns out to be (wait for it…) a human.    The question is never whether or not the fetus is a person, but whether or not that person will be allowed to live or at least have a chance at living.  The question is whether or not our society thinks it is moral to take life from innocents just because they have no voice at the moment.

    The irony, of course, is that Sheila Suess-Kennedy evidently feels that it’s immoral and outrageous for people to want to protect innocent life, while at the same time having no scruples about condemning (even in theory) someone to everlasting punishment for having a view of life that conflicts with her own.

    This post was tagged under: Pro-Life

    One Response to “IUPUI Prof & Indy Star Columnist: Hell is Reserved For Those Who Defend the Unborn”

    1. Scott Tibbs says:

      On her blog, Kennedy complains that she "absolutely" did not "suggest that all anti-choice advocates would rot in hell."In all fairness, that is true. There are abortion opponents who would have supported health care "reform" without the Stupak amendment. But protesting that she did not include all abortion opponents with that statement glosses over the fact that her statement lumps tens of millions of abortion opponents into the group she hopes rot in Hell forever.

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