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  • Tom Wall, the Pro-Abortion Candidate?

    TomWallMilk Tom Wall, President of the Huntington County Commissioners and Candidate for Indiana State Senate District 17, seems unsure on some of the important pro-life issues facing the state.  In the annual Allen County Right to Life survey sent out to the Indiana State Senate District 17 candidates, Tom Wall’s answers on this survey have to be considered “questionable” at best to pro-life voters.  With the possibility of these important pro-life issues coming before the Indiana General Assembly and even the Huntington County Commissioners, Tom Wall’s answers have to be considered very troubling.  So, let’s take a look:

    Do you support conscience clause legislation that would give pharmacists the right to refuse filling prescriptions that may be used to cause abortions?

    (Read more after the leap)

    Tom Wall’s answer – Unsure

    Do you support stem cell research that requires the destruction of human embryos?

    Tom Wall’s answer – Unsure

    Question 14:  Under what circumstances do you believe abortion should be legal (check all that apply)?

    Tom Wall’s answer – To protect the health of the mother, rape and incest

    Now, if you pay attention to abortion issues and I do, “To protect the life of the mother” is the buzz phrase pro-abortion proponents use to encompass all circumstances to allow abortion on demand. And with many Counties passing ordinances to limit abortion providers, even Tom Wall as a County Commissioner should be troubling to pro-life voters.

    See the complete questionnaires for yourself.

    Download Wall’s answers

    Download Bank’s answers

    Download Fusselman’s answers

    This post was tagged under: 2010 Election, Indiana Politics, Pro-Life

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    1. […] Leave a Comment  In November the three Republican state Senate candidates in District 17 completed questionnaires from the Allen County Right to Life seeking information about their individual positions on a […]

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