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The Case Against Mitch for President

A counterpoint to some of my prior Mitch for President speculation, summed up shortly by Blue County in a Red State:

I’m not drinking Mitch’s cool-aid. He can boast of Indiana’s ranking on business taxes, or that we’re the best in the Midwest, but the fact is that he raised the sales tax to 7%, second highest in the nation. He signed legislation forcing Lake County to implement an income tax.

He is not a tax cutter, he’s a tax raiser.

I want to see Indiana on a road back to a 5% sales tax, and eliminating the income tax entirely, including the county “option” income taxes. Those 11 states that beat us in business taxes often have NO income tax whatsoever, and they all have lower sales taxes than we do.

Mitch boasts of drawing businesses to Indiana, but the fact is that most jobs are created by entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs need low personal income taxes to get started. They’re constantly cash-starved, and every dollar that goes to income taxes is a dollar that’s not available to the business.

Mitch just doesn’t get that.

Mitch also signed the biggest tax increase on business in state history, but I digress.

Speculation is also emerging about former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and Indiana Congressman Mike Pence.

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