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And Then There Were Two…Then Again Still Three?

Dan Dumezich has decided against running for Senate.

Via Howey:

DUMEZICH WON’T RUN: Former state representative Dan Dumezich confirmed that he will not run for the U,S. Senate (Howey Politics Indiana). Asked if he was running today, Dumezich e-mailed a one-word answer: “Nope.” That leaves Don Bates Jr. and State Sen. Marlin Stutzman in the Republican field to take on the two-term senator with a $12 million warchest.

Could a run in the first congressional district be a possibility instead?  Dumezich is from northwest Indiana, is a good fundraiser and could take full advantage of Pete Visclosky’s more recent ethical lapses.  But if he’s passing on running against Bayh, I’m not holding my breath for a run against Visclosky.


Dumezich still in? Howey has updated his original post with this:

Former state representative Dan Dumezich told Howey Politics Indiana early this afternoon that he is indeed considering a Senate challenge to U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh and said the incumbent has a “fundamental misunderstanding of what the word ‘conflict’ means.”Dumezich

That was in reference to an Indianapolis Star article on Sunday that reported Sen. Bayh’s wife – attorney Susan Bayh – made more than $2 million between 2006 and 2008 serving on a number of corporate heatlh care boards. Her appointments were made after Bayh was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1998. Dumezich called that “inexcusable” because the senator is “living off what she is making.”

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One Response to “And Then There Were Two…Then Again Still Three?”

  1. And I'm holding mine!

    Pete is as vulnerable as he's ever going to be, time to make him uncomfortable.

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