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  • Governor Daniels In No Rush to See Bailout Part II

    Thanks to Steve Dalton, I was reminded of great advice that Governor Mitch Daniels gave Congress yesterday regarding the potential auto industry bailout.

    Gov. Mitch Daniels said today that he’s skeptical that Congress can help the struggling U.S. auto industry.

    “Let’s give Congress a chance, but there’s nothing in recent history that suggests they have an answer for this,” Daniels said. “The only thing we know for certain is the way they’ve been doing business does not work and throwing taxpayer dollars after it won’t make it work.”

    I love it!  He’s in DC yesterday to receive an (or yet another) award, this time from Governing Magazine and he comes out telling it like it is!  This is why I like Mitch.  Now, don’t count me on the bandwagon to see him run for higher office in 2012, but he certainly is among some of the brightest stars in the GOP amongst the states Republican governors (in addition to Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty and Mark Sanford).

    And though he says he wasn’t there to give advice to Congress, he did happen to mention one of their oversights since they happen to be passing out money willy-nilly:

    “I’m not here to give them advice,” Daniels said. “I just think caution is the watch word. And I don’t know where it ends. I didn’t notice anyone throwing money at the RV industry and that cost Indiana a lot of jobs.”


    Mike Pence had this to say about a potential auto industry bailout.

    “Rep. Mike Pence, R-6th, said he’s not an absolute “no” on a proposal to help the industry, “but I don’t believe we can bail our way out of a failing economy.” He said he would listen to the argument for a loan to GM, Ford and Chrysler, but he is “very hesitant” to use any of the $700 billion financial-sector rescue money to help the auto industry.”

    I admire Congressman Pence for listening, but I’d rather he give an absolute no. We’ll see what the argument is though first.

    This post was tagged under: Economy, Mike Pence, Mitch Daniels

    2 responses to “Governor Daniels In No Rush to See Bailout Part II”

    1. Thanks for the hat top Josh. I too feel that Mitch has continued to show a willingness to break down complex issues to common sense solutions.

      When we had a property tax mess at the local levels of government, he proposed a very common sense solution, cap property taxes against property values.

      When we needed money to re-build our infrastrucure, which had fallen into disrepair due to 16 years of Democrat leadership, he leased the toll road (which the State really couldn't effectively run for a profit) and created billions in infrastructure projects.

      The list goes on and on. We here in NW Indiana are beginning to feel the impact of the auto industry problems (and appliances) in our steel industry. The key is not bailing out bad business models, the key is building up and empowering better business models.

    2. Melyssa says:

      The simplest answer is to offer a big tax break for buying an American car and let America choose with its purchase to save GM.

      Personally, if I needed a car and they gave me a $10,000 tax break, I still wouldn't buy an inferior GM, Ford, or Chrysler. I'd pay more for Japanese or German.

      I know what goes on at GM on the factory floor and allowed to continue because of the Unions. Once at Delco in Kokomo the guys had a hooker in the bathroom with a long line waiting their "turn".

      My mom worked at GM for 30 years. Constantly she was forced to do the next step to a part that they already knew was defective so that her bosses could show production. It was a Peyton Place of divorcees, cocaine, extra-marital affairs, and hillbillies living high on the hog with double factory income households.

      I would not wish that cesspool on anyone.

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