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  • Running For Congress on Daddy’s Dime

    I guess at least Mike Montagano isn’t living up his cushy lifestyle in his parents basement.  Geez, I own my house and my own car (though it’s not a snazzy H3 Hummer, it’s only a 2001 Honda Civic).  I guess that makes me more qualified than Mike Montagano to run for Congress

    Mike Montagano:  Thanks Dad!
    Montagano’s Home,Taxes Paid by his Father, FEC Complaint Filed

    Washington – Fresh out of law school, 27 year-old Mike Montagano has no job and modest savings.  But that hasn’t stopped him from living the high life.  His new H3 Hummer, his impressive $326,000 house, and $33,500 in contributions to his own campaign are evidence that he’s living it up – so who’s paying the bills?

    Montagano graduated from Indiana University Law School in 2006.  After a short stint with an Indianapolis law firm, he moved to the Third District to become a candidate for Congress.  By April 2007, Montagano reported in his FEC disclosures only two bank accounts valued at less than $15,000 and no other assets or income.

    Over the next three months, however, the Congressional candidate contributed over $30,000 to his own campaign.  He was the proud owner of $326,000 home by mid-July.  According to documents filed with the Elkhart County Recorder, dad Joe Montagano purchased the property with son Mike.  Three months later, Dad and Mike jointly took out a mortgage for $226,000.  Dad then paid Mike’s $716 property tax bill in November, all while serving as Mike’s campaign Treasurer.

    Unfortunately for Mike, he didn’t spend enough time studying campaign finance law in Bloomington.  Purchasing a home, co-signing a mortgage, and paying tax bills for a candidate are a big no-no and wildly exceed the maximum $4,600 contribution limit allowed by law, which today earned Montagano a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission.

    “People in Indiana are losing their jobs, homes, and savings, but Mike Montagano wouldn’t know,” said NRCC spokesman Brendan Buck.  “His parents bought a house for him and even paid his property taxes.  Still relying on dear old dad, Mike Montagano’s not worried about the economy, so how can hard-working Hoosiers expect we will worry about them in Congress?”

    Didn’t even pay his property taxes?! Has this kid even had a chance to grow up yet? How can he even be a serious candidate for congress?

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