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  • The Bleetings of Hypocrites

    A post was written and the caterwauling of the left roared to a fiery tempest.

    A lot has been made of today because of a few lines at the end of a post written by one of our Directors concerning Democrat Presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama.  Was it something I would have written?  Probably not, but then again, that’s not my style of writing.

    But what poured out of the keyboards of the so-called tolerant and self righteous left was nothing more than petty minded hypocrisy.  Consider what has been written and said of Governor Sarah Palin by the left in recent days since she became Senator McCain’s VP nominee, both nationally and locally:

    I could go on, but I plan on actually going to bed sometime soon.

    Sure there have been blogs that have insinuated that Obama was a gay muslim or attacked his citizenship…well I would hope you wouldn’t find that here, because clearly, the guy is straight, I’ll believe him when he says he’s a Christian (there are plenty of Christians in the middle east with the middle name Hussein) and the argument over whether the guy is a citizen is one of the most silly arguments there is.  If you’re going to play that game, you could play it against John McCain too.  And really, is it worth it?  No.

    So all you silly politically correct and hyper-sensitive liberals out there, get off your high horse.  What was written below is nothing, and I repeat nothing, compared to what has been written of Governor Palin.  Get over yourselves and political correctness.

    And by the way, even though I’ll refer to him as Barack or Senator Obama, his initials are B.H., his middle name is Hussein and in high school and part of college, he called himself Barry!  If you are so offended by this, give him a call and complain.

    This post was tagged under: barack obama, Blogging, Sarah Palin, Shady Democrat Doings

    3 responses to “The Bleetings of Hypocrites”

    1. Sean Shepard says:

      Sandra Bernhard should be skewered in the media and by the public for her racist comments.

      As for the "…fascist pig" comment. The roots of fascism were born in the left of the political spectrum, not the right. Jonah Goldberg's great book "Liberal Fascism" takes through the history of Fascism and Socialism in great detail.

      Ultimately, as we all know, the left is all about being tolerant as long as you don't disagree with them on anything. Of course the the "hug the trees, save the whales, kill the babies" crowd always must resort to personal attacks when logic can't support their arguments. I'm not defending the right either by the way, I just hate the double-standards and hipocracy just like the left does when one of the Republican "family values" people gets caught with their pants down (so to speak).

    2. Harl Delos says:

      Your post only points out that such attacks are unfair.

      The other side of the it, is that such attacks are counterproductive. They create sympathy for Palin. The folks that are engaging in attacks on Palin are doing their side more harm than good.

      Palin is shooting herself in the foot with troopergate, though. The cover-up is causing far more damage than anything she's conceivably hiding. If she'd cooperated, the worst that would happen is that they say she done wrong, and she could say, OK, I'm sorry, I won't do it again, and people would readily forgive her.

      The attack dogs should pay attention to Bill Clinton. He was painfully careful about his words, saying that Palin connected well with crowds, making her a formidable opponent, that he disagreed with her for reasons of policy, and that he'd go Democrat anyway, but that she was nobody to underestimate.

      Last April, I suggested on my blog that McCain ought to be thinking about a female running mate. I mentioned Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina as obvious possibilities – but recommended Sarah Palin as a better choice. I know more about Sarah now – a LOT more – but I still think she was a good choice. In fact, I think the GOP ticket is upside down. They ought to be running Palin for President, McCain as veep. http://canthook.com/node/95

    3. tumbleweed says:

      I have to wonder why, if you feel that the clearly racially-based post that created this hubbub is justified by the attacks on Palin (well, mom, they did it too!!), has the post been removed? Let's review what was originally part of the post:


      And the bit about getting into people’s faces – that’s right in line with the mindset of the baggy pants wearing crowd. Get into their face, maybe wave a shank or shiv, flash some signs.

      You’ll see change in January if the Presidential limo starts sporting spinner wheels, fuzzy dice, and a BOOMING subwoofer mounted in the trunk blasting Ludacris. That change, is what will be left in your pocket after the Government gets done shaking you down for every last dollar you have.


      Please don't get me wrong. I am NO Obama supporter. But if you're going to rail against hypocrisy, how can it be fair to remove the content that you're justifying? Let it stand, so that people at least know what you're talking about.

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