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  • Just What Does Baron Hill Think About ENDA?

    From the Twitter feed of lefty blogger Bil Browning (sent by an observant reader; I don’t use Twitter):

    Just lobbied Rep Baron Hill on trans inclusion in ENDA. Told him facts he didn’t know and he said he’d remember for his vote

    Baron got reelected saying that he was in tune with Hoosier values and with the values of the people of his district.

    So what does he think about ENDA? Will he take into account the views of his district, or just the views of the People’s Republic of Bloomington? Will he listen to 19 conservative counties, or the most liberal community in Indiana?

    Update: Weak snark from Thomas Cook aside, the question remains. Where does Baron Hill stand on ENDA? Does Thomas Cook have an answer? Does Baron Hill?

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    One Response to “Just What Does Baron Hill Think About ENDA?”

    1. sshepard94 says:

      ENDA is a tough issue actually. Because there are already other protected classes and they exclude sexual preference and identity it just screams as a wedge issue.

      The real question is whether or not there should be protected classes at all. Do we really think that legislating against being a jerk is the best thing to do or is it just good fodder for attorneys to have more to do (justified in many cases, unjustified in some).

      You either believe that all people are equal and have equal protection under the law, or you believe that "some are more equal than others" and require special language to say so?

      Ultimately, the issue is … if I have money and I'm going to pay somebody to do work with that money does the government have the right to tell me who I may or may not decide to give my money to?

      Absolutely though, it's probably fair to say that the government itself cannot discriminate when hiring. But an individual should retain the right to surround themselves with whomever they chose if it is their money (hiring dollars) at risk. Over the long term, it is always in one's best interest to hire the BEST candidates, regardless of any other considerations and we can only hope most would do so.

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