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  • Micah Clark: Greg Zoeller is the Only Candidate Who Has a Proven Track Record

    Conservative groups are now starting to weigh in on the AG’s race. The first to do so is Micah Clark and the American Family Association:

    Leading Pro-Family Group Endorses

    Greg Zoeller for Attorney General Nomination

    (Indianapolis, IN) – The American Family Association of Indiana PAC announced that it has endorsed current Deputy Attorney General Greg Zoeller for the Republican nomination in the state convention contest to succeed Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter.

    Two candidates are seeking the GOP’s nomination to be decided at Indiana Republican State Convention on Monday June 2nd. The race is between Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas and Greg Zoeller. “Republicans can be proud that they have two excellent candidates for Attorney General both of whom support the traditional values embraced by the vast majority of the party and by most Hoosiers,” said Micah Clark, President of the AFA of Indiana PAC.

    AFA noted that this is not a negative endorsement in any way. There were several talented candidates mentioned following the announcement from Attorney General Carter stating that he would not seek re-election. “Mayor Costas is a fine individual with undoubtably a great future ahead of him no matter what may happen on Monday. However, Greg Zoeller is the only candidate considered who has a proven track record within in the attorney general’s office. He has managed nearly 140 attorneys and various legal cases to such an extent that he could fill the shoes of Steve Carter even today without a hitch,” Clark noted.

    The endorsement came following review of the candidate’s record and questions surrounding key issues. Both candidates fully answered AFA’s PAC survey covering a wide range of issues. While there was a difference in the survey results, both candidates hold similar views.

    The AFA of Indiana Political Action Committee was formed in March 2006 with the purpose of educating voters about candidates who embrace traditional values and issues that impact families, churches and communities. (www.afainpac.net).

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