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  • I’ll Get You, My Pretty and Your Little Dog Too!

    wickedwitch-431x300jpg.jpgMarion County Democrats really are a funny bunch aren’t they? Apparently County Chairman Mike “I screwed over Bart Peterson” O’Connor recently sent out a letter to the Ward and Precinct Officials barring them from handing out any literature on election day that promoted any other candidate, other than Andre Carson, for Congress. He also wants Democrats to rat out any people who pass out literature in favor of Carolene Mays, David Orentlicher or Woody Myers. Below is a portion of the letter sent out to the Democrat Ward Chairmen and Precinct Committemen:

    I know that all of you will do your utmost to make sure that our slate carries on May 6. The party will be closely monitoring the situation at the polls on Election Day to make sure that our precinct and ward officials are passing the slate. I urge all of you to let us know if you hear of any party or elected officials not distributing the Democratic Party slate or distributing something other than the official slate.

    Why? So they can be run out of the party? Excommunicated for thinking for themselves and voting their conscience rather than what the party told them to do? This is why slating is dumb and went the way of the dodo in all but two of Indiana’s counties (in case you’re wondering, Lake is the other county). Heaven forbid the Marion County Democrats actually promote democracy in an election! O’Connor must be really scared that Carson might actually lose the primary.

    (H/T – Bilerico Indiana)

    This post was tagged under: Elections, Indiana Politics

    9 responses to “I’ll Get You, My Pretty and Your Little Dog Too!”

    1. Wow I'm not sure if I should more shocked that you posted something calling for an end to slating or the fact it came from Bilerico.

    2. facts says:


      You are absolute right!

      O'Connor knows that Andre's chances of winning are going lower everyday. You know that I am a fan of Carolene Mays and would love to see her win.

      The Reality seems to be that my second choice is going to win: Dr. Woody Myers. Myers is a good candidate and has the ability to fund his own campaign. It will be interesting to see what happens on Primary election day.

    3. In my defense, I've hat tipped stuff from Blue Indiana too. Actually, I don't know if that's a defense or not. But I've never liked slating. I find it extremely anti-democratic and hurts the process more than helps. But that's just my view (and the view of 90 of Indiana's 92 counties).

    4. facts says:


      You're also right about slating.

    5. Well how about that facts! It looks like I got on your good side for once. 🙂

    6. Unfortunately anyone who calls for an end to slating will be tossed out of the party on their derierre'. If one thing slating does provide a nice fundraising mechanism for the party. 10%+ of the office holder's salary is some nice change.

      I don't see anyone out there willing to storm the castle just to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

    7. I guess it's a good thing I don't live in Marion County. 🙂

    8. Josh — I'm getting to the point where I wish I didn't.

    9. scratchman says:

      at least we don't have peterson anymore…

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