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  • A Despicable Act

    One of the three candidates vying for the Republican nomination in the 2nd Congressional District is Tony Zirkle, an attorney, perennial candidate, and holder of odd and strange views. Zirkle has already made a name for himself this cycle by advocating for nationwide racial segregation. Now, though, he has done something that is even worse than his inappropriate racial statements.

    On Sunday, Zirkle spoke to a crowd of nearly 60 neo-Nazis/white supremacists gathered in Chicago to commemorate Hitler’s birthday. The fact that Tony Zirkle, a candidate for United States Congress, would honor a gathering of neo-Nazis who believe one of the most evil men the world has ever known was in fact a great leader, is utterly despicable and beyond the pale. Tony Zirkle has disgraced himself.

    Here is a photo of Zirkle speaking to the gathering:


    Click here to view more photos of the event (Zirkle is seen in most of them).

    This post was tagged under: Elections, Opinion, Tony Zirkle

    8 responses to “A Despicable Act”

    1. scratchman says:

      and he calls himself a republican??? This guy makes eric miller look like larry flynt…

    2. Joel Harris says:

      Are these not grounds for being drummed out of the Party?

    3. Sorry, Zirkle…wrong party. The Fascist door is to the left.

    4. scratchman says:

      i certainly hope so–i would almost be willing to campaign against him…

    5. I thought there was a law on the books dating back to the post-WW2 era that forbade gatherings of the German National Socialists or the German Workers Party.

      I agree – the State Republican party should repudiate this activity, and even if by some screwball miracle if he would win the primary (which he better not…) the RNCC and State GOP should not support his candidacy at all. Unfortunately this will play right into the hands of the Pelosicrat Joe Donnelly.

    6. I hate Illinois Nazis!

    7. Biff says:

      Umm, Nathan, I *think* you’ll find that the Fascist door is on the right.

    8. Joel Harris says:

      Biff, you are in err. The other term for Fascism is “National Socialism”–Socialism being the key. All fascist governments were totalitarian, socialist organizations, which relative to the American political system is a leftist political philosophy.

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