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  • Grandson Carson in Trouble?

    From Jim Shella:

    TV ads for Congressman André Carson slated to run on Tuesday, Wednesday, and today did not air because of a failure to make the required advance payments.

    Carson campaign manager Alex Zwerdling confirmed this afternoon that no payment was made. He, at first, suggested that that it was the result of a strategic decision, then changed his answer to, “No comment.”

    Blue Indiana reports that Carson campaign staffers have been asked to skip “at least a week of pay”; that’s never a good sign for a campaign.

    Grandson Carson’s endorsement of Barack Obama looks, in this context, like a desperate gambit by a drowning campaign.

    But then, the machine will have its vote on the 6th; I would be amazed if it does not rescue its seed.

    This post was tagged under: Congress, Elections, Indiana Politics

    5 responses to “Grandson Carson in Trouble?”

    1. I hear Wilson could be recruited to take up residence outside BHO headquarters with a Au Bon Pain cup to raise money for the Carson campaign.

    2. scratchman says:

      he's got to pay to have his house condemned first!

    3. facts says:


      Interesting FACTS about the Carson's money:

      "Twelve Clinton backers have given $19,000 to Carson since Jan. 1."

      "Clinton’s congressional backers have given generously to the DCCC; 13 have given more than $1 million between them since the beginning of the year."

      You can bet that Clinton backers will be

    4. So do you see Carson stepping out to endorse Obama at all even though he's getting money from the Clintonistas? If he did, do you think that would help his standing heading into the primary at all or would be it be seen fake and too little too late?

    5. Joel Harris says:

      Carson already endorsed Obama. I think he put his finger to the wind and figured out that: 1. Obama will be winning the 7th district and he would rather be associated with that; 2. He has no money now and that would give him a couple of days of news cycle (I think that was this last Tuesday and Wednesday).

      I am beginning to think that Carson, Mays and Myers will all be splitting the same constituencies and David O will win the nomination. Scary process.

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