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Shocking…White Guys Matter Again!

This just in from PoliticalWire

“In the fierce campaign between Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, “a battle dominated by questions of race and gender, white men have emerged as perhaps the single critical swing constituency,” according to the Washington Post.

White men as swing voters?

Yes WASP men can now throw off the yolk of irrelevance. After years of being the whipping boy (no pun intended, really) by the Democratic party for pretty much every problem known to mankind the Democratic candidates for President want to hear your voice.

If anyone sees the “WASPs for Obama or Clinton” let me know.

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One Response to “Shocking…White Guys Matter Again!”

  1. It appears as if the folks over at Bilerico don't get a little tongue in cheek sense of humor these days, b/c a WASP's for Obama sticker would be hilarious!

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