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  • Conservatives to John McCain: Convince Us!

    A grassroots movement is sweeping the country to direct conservatives to this website – www.ConvinceUs.org. National conservative leaders are demanding McCain take the following path to receive their support in the General Election.

    We ask you to please encourage us to work FOR your election by letting your actions convince us we can trust you on the issues important to “Common Sense Conservatives.” To that end we have drafted the following Eight “Common Sense Conservative Assurances” – eight opportunities for you to demonstrate you hear and understand our concerns and are willing to govern more from a position of conservative principle than a particular personal ideology. If you are unwilling to demonstrate such assurance in the middle of an election to secure and consolidate your hard working base, we would be naive to believe you would somehow do so if elected President. Thus we stand on these issues and ask for your assurance on:

    1. Life Assurance: Pledge to support and sign a Human Life Amendment that protects all human life.
    2. Judicial Assurance: Pledge as President that you would re-nominate the conservative judges your actions sacrificed.
    3. Taxes Assurance: Words are not enough, SIGN the No New Taxes pledge now.
    4. Immigration Assurance: Pledge to close and secure the border and to enforce immigration law.
    5. Free Speech Assurance: Support legislative changes to McCain-Feingold to protect citizens’ free speech, political associations, and activities.
    6. Marriage Assurance: We ask for your pledge to support a Federal Marriage Amendment.
    7. Security, Energy and Environment Assurance: Pledge first to open ANWAR to energy exploration and build more refineries in a way that shows proper respect for our environment, and then promise to veto any attempts by Congress to cap CO2 or bind us to international law.
    8. Respect for Conservatives Assurance: Pledge to dignify the Reagan legacy by respecting ALL conservatives and should you become the Republican nominee publicly offer to make Governor Mike Huckabee your running mate.

    The online petition is here. 

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    5 responses to “Conservatives to John McCain: Convince Us!”

    1. I'm not even going to touch #6, but I must voice my concern for #8. I will reiterate what I've said before, Mike Huckabee should not be allowed near the White House, even if he is the funniest candidate out there and I agree with most of his social stances. I would prefer Mark Sanford, b/c at least that guy understands economics.

    2. They were doing fairly well till they hit #8. No way I'd sign that.

      I don't really care one way or the other about either #1 or #6. My personal believe is that both are wrong, but I'm not going to let either issue blind me to more important things.

      ANWR is not the pot of gold everybody thinks it is, either. It will take years to develop, even if Congress authorizes it, and even then it won't produce enough to make a significant dent in our OPEC purchases.

      Bottom line, online petitions like this are pretty much a joke. They sound good until you really get a good look at what they say.

    3. If I were in charge of science and technology in this country I'd figure out a way to drill through the earth and suck [oil] out from under them.

      — Gallagher

    4. Chris Douglas says:

      1.) All human life? Could you define that for us please?
      2.) Can we be rid of conservative activist as well as liberal activist judges?
      3.) Could we have a pledge for fiscal responsibility?
      4.) Are we throwing overboard what was originally the intent of the North American Free Trade Agreement, namely an era of greater prosperity for all through borders as open as possible?
      5.) Whatever.
      6.) How about a pledge to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic, with its Bill of Rights and its guarantees to equal protection of the laws and religious freedom for all citizens? Oh, right.
      7.) Since when did did drilling in ANWR become an article of faith to conservatives?
      8.) The first principle of saving a drowning man is to avoid getting in the water with him, because he'll do to you what he is doing to himself.

    5. I just wanted to add to my original comment that aside from my biggest issue (that being #8) I fully agree that McCain has to convince, not only the base conservatives, but Republicans in general.

      The more I do phone banks and ask people how they describe themselves politically, I'm getting Republicans who calls themselves Independents b/c of the presidential election. I think a lot of Republicans are tired of drinking the kool-aid and voting for the "lesser of two evils" or voting for a Republican who doesn't represent their values just to keep a Democrat out of office. I know I am. So I say, convince me.

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