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  • Yet Another Name, Yet Another Interesting Twist

    The list of those running for the 7th Congressional seat seems to always be growing for Republicans and Democrats, thanks to the ever churning rumor mill. But no one has thrown their hat into the ring for the Libertarians. That is, until now?

    According to Bart Lies:

    Another hat in the ring?

    We hear rumblings that Melyssa Donaghy is considering running for the 7th District congressional seat as a Libertarian. Melyssa recently won the Sam Adams Alliance’s “Sammie” award for her tireless efforts protest the ever-increasing property tax burden in Indiana. She also worked many long hours as part of the grassroots effort that successfully replaced the evil Bart Peterson with Greg Ballard. Perhaps it’s time we sent a fighter to Congress, instead of a ?’er

    Melyssa was able to create quite the following when she helped establish the Hoosiers for Fair Taxation this past year to protest the rising property taxes here in Indiana. She also helped garner support for current Indy Mayor-Elect Greg Ballard during his race to unseat Bart Peterson.

    Libertarians haven’t been able to crack more than a few percentage points in any major elections in Indiana, but Melyssa could break the mold should she run. She would be quite the candidate to watch in this upcoming cycle making 2008 all the more interesting politically in Indiana and in the 7th CD in particular.

    I think a logical question has to be asked in would she make a bigger impact in the race running as an Independent rather than a Libertarian? (Libertarians, please take no offense, but it is a logical question as more Independents have been elected to major offices in Indiana and nationally than Libertarians.)

    (H/T – Bart Lies and the Digital Farmer’s Blog)

    This post was tagged under: Congress, Elections, Local Elections

    6 responses to “Yet Another Name, Yet Another Interesting Twist”

    1. The question that should be asked – do the Libertarians have ballot access for Congress in the Special? The Libertarians did not have a candidate on the ballot in 2006 due to failure to file some report by some deadline.

    2. Yes, the Libertarians have automatic ballot access until at least 2010. Ballot access in Indiana depends on your party's results in the Secretary of State race.

    3. By the way, a couple of libertarians have thrown their hat into the ring for the special election…the MSM just doesn't report it.

      Check out Mark Rutherford's blog: http://lpinscr.blogspot.com/2007/12/libertarian-7

    4. So Tim, are you going to run in the special? And are the Libertarians going to caucus as well for a candidate since, quite possibly, four candidates may run for the special?

    5. *tongue in cheek humor mode on*

      Josh, according to Mark Rutherford's blog they will be caucusing. However it's not known yet whether it'll be held in a single booth or if they'll need to put two tables together at a Steak -n- Shake to accommodate everyone.

      *humor mode off*

    6. I apologize to my Libertarian friends, but that comment is hilarious!

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