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  • Politically Connected Indy Law Firm Lands IndyCar Team

    Politically connected Indianapolis law firm John Lewis and Wilkins LLP has landed a new client with sights set on an Indy 500 victory in 2008.  Press release below.


     Contact: Fred Azbell III

     D.B. Mann, Azbell in final stages of forming IndyCar team

     INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 14, 2007)  -Former Indianapolis 500 car owner Dave Mann and partner Fred Azbell III, a former Indy Pro Series car owner, are finalizing plans to run a one-car team for the IndyCar season in 2008 featuring the Indianapolis 500.

    “We are very close to completing our sponsorship arrangements and we have spoken to several top-notch IndyCar drivers,” Azbell said.  “We hope to be able to announce our sponsor/driver package soon and to have our team operational and ready for pre-season testing.

    “We believe by combining our knowledge from years of racing involvement, we have the experience necessary to be competitive on the track delivering value to our sponsors while helping them to better promote their companies and their products”.

    The Indianapolis based law firm of John Lewis and Wilkins LLP has been secured to facilitate all legal financial aspects, as well as sponsorship obligations of the teams operations.  Managing partner John Lewis states, “we are very honored to become a part of the D.B. Mann Motorsports team.  When people talk about the history of Indiana sports, Indycar racing and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway easily come to mind first.  Our firm offers a vast array of support services and vehicles to maximize both on and off track performance.  We look forward to working with Mann and Azbell to establish a win win for everyone associated with the team”.

    D. B. Mann-owned cars raced in the Indy 500 from 1989 to 1992, with John Paul Jr.’s 10th in 1992 the team’s best finish.  Paul finished 16th in 1990 and 25th in 1991 for D.B. Mann Motorsports.  Gary Bettenhausen was 33rd in 1989 in the team’s first race.  Mann also entered Indy in 1993 with Paul and 1998 with rookie Danny Drinan.  The team’s sponsorless effort made qualification attempts, but failed to make the 33-car field.

    Azbell III owned Bowes Seal Fast Racing/Hoosier Automotive Products in IPS in 2002.  They ran the complete season with drivers Mike Koss and Matt Halliday.  During the course of the season the team also fielded entries for drivers Tony Turco and two time USAC/Silver Crown champion and Sprint Car driver David Steel.  The team competed the following season in the inaugural IPS Freedom 100 race on Armed Forces Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway fielding cars for Indy 500 for three generations.  His grandfather, Fred Azbell, was co-founder of Bowes Seal Fast and sponsored the winning cars in 1931 with driver Louis Schneider and in 1961 with A.J. Foyt and legendary owner/mechanic George Bignotti.

    Fred Azbell Jr was co-owner of Energizer Motorsports, and will also have a role in the D.B. Mann/Azbell III partnership.  Their driver, Robby McGehee, won Rookie of the Year with his fifth-place finish in the 1999 running of the Indy 500 with Team (Dave) Conti.  McGehee and the Energizer team forces with Treadway Racing in 2000 propelling McGehee to a second place finish at Texas Motor Speedway.

    Azbell III and Mann originally met at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1991.  Mann is the owner of D.B. Mann Development, a commercial real estate company in Indianapolis where the race team will be based.  Azbell III is the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

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