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  • Mild Mannered A.G. Brings the Hammer Down

    In a story that will probably largely go unnoticed in the Indy Metro area, A.G. Steve Carter has racked himself up a pretty impressive record in East Chicago prosecuting allegations of voter fraud. According to the NWI.com, of the 53 cases prosecuted stemming from the 2003 East Chicago mayoral primary, a whopping 38 have ended in conviction. Check out the stat line:

    Of the 53 cases:

    * 38 have ended with convictions.

    * three have been dismissed.

    * one person was found not guilty by a jury.

    * one person has died in the process.

    Ten cases still are pending, including several in which East Chicago police officers were charged.

    53 cases and only four walk away? (who had the goods on the guy that died?) To me, it would appear that the state Democrats have no leg to stand on when it comes to crying about Indiana’s Voter I.D. law and the “lack of proof”. It also appears as if this only shores up our the I.D. law’s defense when it goes before the Supreme Court.

    H/T – Blue County in a Red State (who rightly said “If Steve Carter were a ballplayer, he’d be in the hall of fame”)

    Update: Turns out I was wrong about this pertaining to the Voter I.D. Law.  But at least I admit I was wrong.

    This post was tagged under: Elections, General Politics, Local Politics

    2 responses to “Mild Mannered A.G. Brings the Hammer Down”

    1. Read more closely says:

      All of these cases involve absentee ballots, dude. The Voter ID law has nothing to do with absentee ballots.

    2. BUSTED! Yep, I did need to read that more closely. My bad. I was wrong.

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