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  • Didn't Expect That One!

    I have a feeling that Indiana Family Institute’s Ryan McCann didn’t either.

    (From today’s IFI e-Family Update)

    Gay Activist Bil Browning accepts offer by IFI’s Ryan McCann to attend the Love Won Out Conference

    It started with a discussion about Billy Graham. It ended with a gay activist and a card carrying member of the “religious right” looking for common ground.

    I applaud Mr. Browning for accepting Mr. McCann’s invitation.  I’m sure neither expected anything like this to happen.  I’m very curious to read about Mr. Browning’s and Mr. McCann’s experience at the Love Won Out Conference.  Keep an eye out for them.  The conference is November 3rd at Traders Point Christian Church.

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    7 responses to “Didn't Expect That One!”

    1. Bil Browning says:

      Thanks Josh for bringing this to my attention. IFI keeps booting me from their e-mail alert system. Would you be willing to forward it on to me so I can see the e-mail?

    2. Bil Browning says:

      Now that I think about it, I'm wrong. It's Advance America that keeps pitching me off their mailing list. My apologies to IFI for saying it was them. I'd never signed up for IFI e-mails. I have now. 🙂

    3. Kenn Gividen says:

      I'm offended.

      I invited Bil to attend and he snubbed me. Sniff.

      See comments on Veritas Rex posted at
      August 23, 2007 at 02:48 PM


      Oh, well. See ya there, Bil.

      (At least I saved $50)


      Here's the original post:


      Thanks for the info concerning Love Won Out. Unfortunately there is little information on the web site.

      I called Focus on the Family and was given a few more specifics; they are posted on my web site at http://endiana.blogspot.com/2007/08/love-won-out-

      The CSR promised to fax the agenda and speaker schedule. I'll have that posted as well.

      Thanks again!

      Note to Bil,

      If you would consider attending, I will be willing to pay your admission fee and even buy your lunch (assuming you like cheeseburgers).

    4. Bil,
      Do you now have the email I mentioned in the post above? Or do you still want a copy of it?

    5. Kenn,

      For some reason your comment didn't post right away. I apologize for that. It's posted now.

    6. Bil Browning says:

      No, I still don't have a copy. Can you forward it to me, please?

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