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House District 84 features a competitive primary between incumbent St. Rep. Bob Morris and Fort Wayne attorney Michael Barranda
We profile Indiana's Eighth Congressional District race for the Republican nomination.
Rob Burgess profiles the campaigns for Indiana State Treasurer, featuring candidates Don Bates, Kelly Mitchell and Wayne Seybold
Senate District 15 is poised to play host to the most competitive race in the state this spring
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Dan Coats, Ukraine and vacationing in Siberia

When Russia announced a list of Americans who would be sanctioned by the Putin regime in response to American and European Union sanctions, Senator Dan Coats posted a humorous response on his official Facebook page about canceling his vacation in Siberia. He followed it up with a top ten list the next day. Yesterday, the […]

Open item: Supervising teens and local government

According to federal prosecutors, a concrete company sent fraudulent invoices to Bloomington city government, which were approved by a city employee. (Link requires a subscription.) The fraudulent invoices, paid between May 13, 2011 and February 14, 2014, amounted to over $800,000, and the city employee allegedly took a kickback. The big question here is how […]

Sacrificing free speech to avoid hurt feelings

The “ban bossy” campaign is absurd on its face, but what is more worrying is the increasing trend to suppress speech in the name of protecting someone’s fragile feelings. Are Americans really so willing to take word after word out of our vocabulary because of the alleged harm it does to people and groups? How […]

Congresswoman Brooks wants FAIR Treatment of Hoosiers

Today’s Hoosier Highlight comes to us from Congresswoman Susan Brooks (R-Carmel). She took to the House floor to share her support for the FAIR Act. This bill, which is supported by the Republican Study Committee, would require a delay in the individual mandate every time the mandate on businesses is delayed under the Affordable Care […]

Uniting the Republican Party

Part of the reason I’m a conservative instead of a liberal is because I think with more factions comes a more divisive society. The part of Edward Burke’s conservatism I subscribe to is maintaining solidarity in a society and keeping factions at a minimum. Some people take this too far and delve into personal characteristics […]


Good morning. Today is the 27th of February and this is your Open Item. In case you missed it (ICYMI), we had two outstanding posts yesterday here at Hoosier Access. Writers’ Guild Member Scott Tibbs led the day off with his article on ballot requirements that are illegal and favor incumbents. Specifically citing the Monroe […]

Life Sciences Does Wonders for Indiana, Medical Device Tax Does Not

I’ve learned it is really easy for public officials to highlight certain statistics on job reports and other work force reports and hide other statistics. Recently, I started paying more attention to how much of the population is underemployed and the type of jobs being created. If the number of jobs are increasing as a […]

A ballot requirement that is clearly and plainly illegal

On February 21, the Democratic majority on the Monroe County Election Board voted to remove the Republican candidate for county assessor from the May primary ballot. This is based on the requirement that he must have attained a Level 3 certification as an assessor. Here is the problem: The ballot requirement itself is clearly and […]

OPEN ITEM: Protecting Our Veterans

Good morning. Today is the 25th of February and this is your Open Item. According to an initial report released this past weekend, The Department of Veterans’ Affairs could have millions of records vulnerable to attack. The report, which was completed by the VA’s Office of Information Technology & Risk Management, found that the VA […]

OPEN ITEM – Gov. Pence in DC for Governors Associations Meetings

Governor Mike Pence was in Washington, D.C. over the weekend attending the Republican Governors Association and National Governors Association meetings and had the opportunity to hit a number of cable news programs while we was out there. One appearance he made that doesn’t necessarily have the same ratings as some of the cable news outlets […]

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